WE HELP-U-MOVE, INC. proudly distributes a customer satisfaction form to be returned to our headquarters upon completion of every job. We are currently in the process of compiling customers suggestions, comments, and compliments to add to this web site. Here are are just a few comments from satisfied customers. Check back soon for more.

Everyone from start to finish, was extremely nice and helpful. During the consultation, many to most of my questions were answered before I even asked them. The estimate was exactly what we ended up paying -- it's accurate and not misleading (which is not always the case with other moving companies we contacted). There really are not hidden charges. The moving professionals showed up on time and even the moving consultant was early. This was much appreciated as our time during this busy time was not wasted. We opted not to get additional insurance as the company seemed professional and diligent in the pre-moving process and we were not let down. Out of everything that was moved, NOTHING had a scratch, ding, or mark! This whole stressful experience of moving was made less stressful when we hired "We Help-U-Move"! Both my husband and I highly recommend "We Help-U-Move" -- no wonder you have been named "Best of Frederick" since 2008! :)

P.S. R.J. and the rest of the crew were absolutely wonderful!

Megan Ramsburg

I would like to say that my moving experience was great. Thanks to Johnny and the two gentlemen with him. They were with me from about 8:30 AM until 10:00 PM. We moved in the snow and these gentlemen were so patient with me. This company should be very proud to have employees such as these men. I didn't have anyone helping me so it was so reassuring to have such professional people conducting my move. They helped to make that day a very special day for me. I can't thank and praise them enough. In the future, if I move again, I will be calling "We Help-U-Move."

Thanks so much,
Nancy Bennett

"We Help U Move" is without a doubt the finest moving company around today. I am a 56 year old banker, my husband is an electrical designer. I was raised as a military 'brat', the daughter of a career Marine Corp pilot. Moving was a way of life for us and we utilized all the big national carriers.

Nicholas Walker impressed me with his sincerity, his helpfulness and willingness to "go the extra mile." His company moved us once locally in Frederick, Maryland. We were so impressed with their professionalism and the care given our furnishings, we contacted Nicholas two years later when we moved 'home' to the Pacific Northwest.

Nicholas and his crew packed and stacked, loaded and unloaded everything we own with extreme care. We made the long trip across country from coast to coast during a less-than-ideal time of year. In spite of dicey weather conditions, Nicholas and his crew actually beat us to our destination by one day!

In addition to moving all our belongings in two huge trucks, Nicholas was towing our Honda behind the truck he drove. When he arrived in Post Falls, Idaho, at our destination, Nicholas noticed the car was filthy due to the inclement weather. He immediately washed the car for us!

We are very grateful to this man and his crew for the wonderful job done for us. We recommend him ...and his company without reservation over any of the larger, commercial carriers. "We Help U Move" offers the kind of service hardly found any more. Their prices are more than reasonable.

Warmest thanks to Nicholas and his crew for the TLC shown to our furnishings and car.

Maureen & Robert Edgar

"Nicholas and his crew were wonderful!!! Very professional, yet down to earth .... My mother and I loved him. We've dealt with movers before .... Nicholas and his crew were by far the best I've worked with. When Nicholas arrived, within a two hour time interval, he had loaded all of my belongings onto the truck. The following day, he arrived in Atlanta, GA. My experience with Moving America was positive. Nicholas and his crew were very cordial and had great attitudes. I would use them again if I ever decide to move in the future."

Courtney Lowe

"A BIG thanks to the guys!

They really worked hard on Friday. I hope they got home O.K. Can't thank you enough for making a miserable chore like moving such an ease. The guys were very professional, very careful, very polite and a delight to work with all day. I really appreciate everything you all did to make everything work with such ease. I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know who is planning to move. Again, thanks bunches to all involved."

Trish Johnson

"We were extremely pleased with the professionalism of the WE HELP-U-MOVE Staff. They were punctial with their arrival and very friendly. They worked efficiently even though we lived on the fourth floor and they had a lot of stairs to climb. But did not let that interfere with their quality of work or speed.

We highly recommend them. Your company was very helpful."

Thank you,
Lisa Anderson

"The gentlemen that moved us were very professional. They did not have an easy move, but did not complain and were exceptionally nice. We appreciated everything they did that was above expectations".

Thanks again!
Pauline and George

"Experienced drviers. Packed everything into the truck like a puzzle. It fit perfectly without anything being in jeopordy of damage. Very nice crew. Nicholas runs a good company." :-)

John and Teresa Hardin

"We greatly appreciate the effort and personal concern shown for our piano. Your expertise made the moving of this heirloom less tramatic."

Carol Kinsey-O'Neal

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