UNTIL NOW local moving companies have been unable to participate in any serious way in the lucrative long distance moving business. It is the goal of WE HELP-U-MOVE, INC. to take advantage of new technologies and its contacts within the industry to create a nationwide network of local moving companies, which when linked together can be linked to that market.

We are expanding into 230 markets all over the internet signing on pack and load specialists to do the loading and unloading of rental trucks. Contracting with a National Truck Rental System, we have the capability to have your company pack and load a customer on your end. Our customers drive the rental truck to Anywhere, U.S.A. And another of our WE HELP-U-MOVE, INC. affiliates unload. In some cases your company may provide a driver. Depending on how your company is set up to Help Move America.

Our system is being set up so us small independents may network to increase our business on return deadheads. We will also have the personal service as where the major carriers have forgotten who pays our bills.

A data base is currently being developed that will enable paid subscribers to log on to the Internet Moving Team and be able to access contact information of movers all over the United States.

See article Moving on the Web, Frederick-based Company adds new twist to Moving Business by Clyde Ford, Staff Writer, The Gazette. A Washington Post owned Company.

If you have an interest in joining our Internet Moving Team, or would like more information, please contact Nicholas Walker at

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